日期 2022年12月15日

有成就的工程师、学术领袖弗朗西斯. 道尔三世被任命为澳彩网第14任教务长

哈佛大学现任院长约翰. Paulson 工程与应用科学学院“, will take on the role of Brown’s chief academic officer, 7月1日生效, 2023.

普罗维登斯,R.I. [澳彩网]- 弗朗西斯·J. 柯南道尔三世, an accomplished engineer and academic leader who serves currently as dean of the Harvard John A. Paulson 工程与应用科学学院“,, has been appointed 澳彩网’s 14th 教务长.

大学校长Christina H. 帕克森在12月1日宣布了对多伊尔的任命. 给澳彩网社区的15封信.

Paxson wrote that Doyle stood out among a competitive pool of candidates for his experience in academic leadership, 创新记录, 并展示了对多样性价值观的承诺, 公平与包容. 他有数十年的学术和研究管理经验, 第一次是在加州大学, 圣芭芭拉分校, 然后在哈佛, 他自2015年以来一直担任工程院长.

“As Brown prepares to embark on ambitious plans to significantly increase investments in scholarship and research across all academic disciplines, 弗兰克是在正确的时间对大学来说是正确的领导者,帕克森写道. “Frank has an exceptional record of leading a complex academic enterprise through extensive development of new programs, 资本计划, 教师招聘, 培育慈善投资, 同时建立和加强社区.”

道尔将于2023年7月1日开始在澳彩网的任期,接替理查德. 洛克, who is concluding his term as 教务长 in December 2022 to become dean and vice president of Apple University. 拉里•拉森, 澳彩网工程学院名誉院长, 将担任临时教务长,直到多伊尔7月上任.

道尔将以教务长的身份担任澳彩网的首席学术官, which is second in seniority at the University and serves as an essential partner to the president. 教务长与高级院长密切合作, faculty and other administrative colleagues to advance Brown’s commitment to the liberal arts and distinctive interdisciplinary approach to education and research. Doyle will play a lead role in developing and stewarding operational plans for the University’s 建立在区别之上 strategic plan; growing Brown’s research enterprise; elevating the importance of the arts and humanities; advancing the 多样性和包容性行动计划; and enhancing academic excellence and innovation. Doyle will lead budgeting and resource prioritization in partnership with the executive vice president for finance and administration, 并将在资本规划中发挥作用,以支持保护, 更新及扩充教学所需设施, 研究与校园生活.

德国财政大臣塞缪尔. Mencoff, Doyle promises to be a collaborative leader who embraces Brown’s commitments to shared governance and student-centered learning.

弗兰克·道尔, Brown will have a distinguished scholar with proven academic administrative leadership experience, 异常的判断, 诚信的最高标准, and a demonstrated commitment to the mission and values that make Brown a distinctive teaching, 学习和研究社区,门科夫说.

“The 教务长 position at Brown is an incredible opportunity to lead the academic and research enterprise of a world-class university through a period of ambitious expansion. 这与我作为一名企业家的内在性格产生了强烈的共鸣, 作为一个拥有成长心态的人,他能在动态变化的环境中茁壮成长.”

弗朗西斯·J. 柯南道尔三世 澳彩网新任教务长
弗朗西斯·J. 柯南道尔三世

作为哈佛大学的工程系主任, 多伊尔负责研究和学术任务 工程与应用科学学院“, (海洋). 他监督财务管理, 包括运营财务和赞助研究的预算, 以及筹款. 他带领哈佛大学的工程项目经历了一段巨大的发展时期, with concentrations in engineering increasing from 18% to 23% of Harvard’s undergraduate student body. 在他众多的成就中, Doyle implemented strong financial management of the engineering school; cultivated some of the largest donors in the Harvard portfolio; established a new office for industry partnerships; and provided academic oversight for the design phase, 这是哈佛一代人以来最大的建筑.

Doyle names as one of his key achievements establishing SEAS as the “connective tissue” of Harvard University, 与其他哈佛学院开发了许多联合项目. These include new joint master’s 学位s, new executive education programs and a new Ph.D. 学位. 他还与前美国政府官员建立了合作关系.S. 国防部长阿什·卡特在哈佛肯尼迪学院讲话, 一个技术和政策的教师工作小组, drawing academic and corporate leaders from Boston-area universities and companies to address the challenges in aligning policy and regulation with the rapid pace of technological advancement in numerous fields.

澳彩网自己对多样性的承诺一致, 公平与包容, 多伊尔一直是众多多样性的建筑师, 股本, 哈佛工程学院的包容性和归属感活动, 并在整个大学倡导DEIB的努力, 剑桥市, 以及国家和全球的工程界. 这些措施包括招聘和留用措施, 一个新的学士学位后项目, 建立学生亲善团体, 还有多样性, 包容和归属感研究员计划.

Doyle said that among the factors that drew his interest in the role at Brown is the University’s 投资研究的运作计划 — a roadmap for propelling research across all fields of study to new levels of excellence, with goals of strengthening the positive impact that Brown makes by advancing solutions to pressing challenges facing the world.

“The 教务长 position at Brown is an incredible opportunity to lead the academic and research enterprise of a world-class university through a period of ambitious expansion,道尔说. 这与我作为一名企业家的内在性格产生了强烈的共鸣, 作为一个拥有成长心态的人,他能在动态变化的环境中茁壮成长.”

Doyle说他同样很高兴能和Paxson一起工作并向他学习, 考虑到她作为高等教育卓有成就的领导者的过往记录:“在 建立在区别之上, 总统 Paxson lays out an innovative plan for the pursuit of excellence across research and teaching at Brown. She has been a powerful advocate for the university's dual mission of academic excellence and research innovation, 适当强调对人力和资源的投资.”

多伊尔的任命是在9月份开始的全国搜索之后进行的. Paxson chaired a search committee that included faculty representatives from the University’s major academic divisions, 还有一大批学生, staff and faculty participated in listening sessions hosted on campus and contributed their perspectives.

澳彩网弗朗西斯·J. 柯南道尔三世

In addition to serving as dean of Harvard’s 工程与应用科学学院“, and a professor of engineering and applied sciences since July 2015, 多伊尔是哈佛医学院睡眠医学部的教员, and is on the board of directors of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs in the Harvard Kennedy School.

在来哈佛之前, 道尔在加州大学(University of California)期间担任过多个学术领导职位, 圣芭芭拉分校, 2002年至2015年. He served as director of the Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies from 2003 to June 2015, 2008年至2015年担任工程学院研究副院长, 在其他角色中. He held previous positions as a research fellow at the University of Stuttgart; a professor at the University of Delaware; and an associate professor at Purdue University. His industrial experience includes roles as a visiting research scientist and industrial consultant at major corporate laboratories, 研发公司, 和其他组织.

在一长串的区别中, Doyle is a member of both the National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Medicine. 他在普林斯顿大学获得学士学位, 剑桥大学的研究生学习证书和博士学位.D. 加州理工学院化学工程专业.